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Sunday, June 19, 2011

ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE- Shakespear Regional Park

As I look out my window from Okoromai Bay Bed and Breakfast, the sun is shining on the park. The green of the grass after the rain, the blue sky, with clouds drifting by, the birds flying overhead, makes for the perfect picture.
Today I am meeting other like minded people to give back to our environment. A planting day at Shakespear Regional Park has been scheduled, my first committment to such a worthy cause.
The area that we will be planting grasses in, is amongst other things a habitat for skinks such as the Moko (pictured above).
Later that day...
The day went well with a good group of people of all ages participating, some digging, some collecting the black plastic planting bags as they were discarded and some handing out the fertiliser pellets. A team effort saw between 400 and 500 trees and grasses planted over a 2 hour period. The rangers and organisers put on a barbecue and hot drinks for all the workers to thank them for their efforts.
You can learn more about the work being done at the park by visiting the following sites. and
Postscript.. A temporary home for the Peacocks has been found.