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Sunday, December 9, 2012


This is an article from the WOPS (Women’s Outdoor Pursuits- Auckland Based) latest newsletter. This is a great group for women to get involved in; they offer Introductory Courses throughout the year. The images were taken by me.
"Shakespear Regional Park is part of a greater area; Whangaparaoa – meaning literally ‘the bay of the sperm whale’.  The park’s many significant pre-European archaeological sites testify to long Maori occupation in the region.  Important to Maori, it was both rich in natural resources and a strategic stopping point for groups travelling up and down the coast.

Terracing, middens and kumara storage pits dating back to Maori occupation are readily identifiable changes in this landscape.  Now there is another highly visible change – the 1.7 kilometre pest-proof fence erected across the peninsula neck from Army Bay to Okoromai Bay.

The creation of a pest-free open sanctuary is another step towards restoring the natural wildlife balance and protecting endangered species. Tui, bellbirds and Kakariki have already moved in from nearby Tiritiri Matangi Island".
 You can read more by visiting their site.