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Friday, July 5, 2013

Miss Dimple Dumpling Jamieson Takes Part in the Annual Bird Survey

Now where do we begin? Oh thats right, read the instructions....

Setting off at precisely 8.20 am she made her way around the garden path, there were strict guidelines to adhere to, therefore she was very particular.

8.25 am "Oh look! There are 2 Indian Myna on the roof."

8.35 am "Wow! there is a Eastern Rossella on that tree with a Tui, where's my Mum with her camera?"

8.42 am "Oh, oh, there's a Blackbird!"

8.45 am "Swishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....what were those? Gosh those birds fly so fast and they are so small, how are you supposed to identify them?"

8.48 am"Whoa! Look up there! A Red Billed Gull is flying overhead".

8.55 am "Whisssssssssssh......another flockasomething or other......."

9.02 am "Oh, now there are 2 Tui in the tree ( how many does that make 3? Oh no, that's right, you can't add them together in case you are seeing the same bird again, Dam and Blast!!
9.10 am "Round and around I go where are those pesky birds?"

9.12 am"Oh, there is another Black Bird, can't count that again though."

9.15 am "Woopee! 2 Silvereye. "

9.18 am 'Hey there's a Song Thrush!"

9.20 am "Well that's it, times up!

What is the final tally?
2 x Indian Mynas, 1 x Blackbird, 1 x Red Billed Gull, 2 x Tui,
1 x Song Thrush, 1 x Eastern Rosella and 2 Silvereye, and the remains of a little Field Mouse....
That will be why Miss Lucy Gumdrops Jamieson has not got around to doing her survey this year!"

"Do you know, I am so exhausted I think it is time for my nap, so I will say bye for now....been nice talking to you."
"Oh, by the way, you can look up the birds I saw by visiting this fabulous site.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Over the last few months I have made several journey's to Tiritiri Matangi Island  not only with friends but also alone to savour all that Tiri has to offer.
Tiritiri Matangi is a Island Bird Sanctuary and you can read all about it's history and all that it has to offer  by clicking  on the link below.

Getting across from Gulf Harbour Marina (5 minutes drive from our B & B) is easy. We can arrange this for you, or you can click on  the link below which will take you to the ferry service operating out of Gulf Harbour.

In the Spring when the Kowhai ( Sophora microphylla) were in flower I went with a group of friends whom I had walked the Tongiriro Crossing with a couple of years previously.  This was a way of getting to know where each of us lived and what each area had to offer.  As the boat was  leaving the Gulf HarbourMarina, Fur Seals were basking in the sun on the breakwater.
( Sophora microphylla) 

When we disembarked at Tiri we were greeted by the Resident D.O.C. (Department of Conservation) Ranger who gave us a brief talk before handing over to the Guide Manager who assigned small groups to the waiting Volunteer Guides. This is a worthwhile thing to do at only $5.00 each.. The Guides are enthusiastic about the Island and know where the best places are to view the birds and each time you go, you can be assured of learning something new.

As we walked up the track we were shown a 'midden'where early Maori had dug a hole to bury there garbage, the shells are visible on the side of the bank.

We were soon to see Whitehead (Popokatea), Fantail (Piwakawaka), Kingfisher (Kotare), Bellbird (Korimako), North Island Robin (Toutouwai) and the Red-Crowned Parakeet (Kakariki).

At the end of the Guided Walk we arrive at the Information Centre where free coffee and tea is available and a shop selling all sorts of souvenirs to take home with you.
Takahe were out and about, bringing attention to the important information on the Notice Board regarding them and their kind!

All too soon it is time to head back to the wharf, so we made our way back down the tracks stopping now and again to sit and watch the birds feeding. It was then on to the Tiricat and we were on our way back to the mainland. 

Looking back at the Lighthouse

Tiritiri Matangi is a Island Bird Sanctuary and you can read all about it's history and all that it has to offer  by clicking  on the link below.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Visitors to the Garden at Okoromai Bay Bed & Breakfast

There has been a lot of activity around the garden this summer. The fruit is on the trees, the flowers are blooming , the Bumble Bees and Monarch Butterflys are flying about and of course the bugs, good and bad are here as well.

A lovely mix to lure the birds. Today I hear a lot of pipping and chirping going on down below the deck along the path to the private area where my  guests stay and it draws me to the balustrade.  looking down I see Fantails (Piwakawaka)  and Silvereye (Tauhou) flitting in and out of the trees.

Such a delight for a keen bird watcher, such as I.